question about confirmation?

ok so im making my confirmation next week in the church (a christian confirmation) and i was just, what do we do during confirmation? i know that each church might do things a little different, but generally, what do you do?it's like 1 1/2 - 2 hrs, but what do we do during that time? did anyone here make their confirmation?

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    it is not very important to do that, you should not waste your time

    God knows you as you .

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    The confirmation I attended (a Catholic confirmation) was like a normal mass, but with an extra bit added on, where all the candidates for confirmation went up in turn and were blessed and annointed by the local Bishop.

    It's normal for confirmations to be performed by, or at least in the presence of a Bishop.

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    In the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, there is a regular church service. At the end of the service every one being confirmed goes to the front of the church where the pastor will ask them questions about the Bible. They are from the one's you have studied for in confirmation class. Then it is over.

    I don't know about any other denomination.

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    It is basically a typical mass with the Bishop blessing each student.

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    You sit and wonder if you will ever get that time back.

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