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I have been eating and sleeping a lot and dont know why but im losing weight i cant get pregnant im 45yrs. old?

my body looks so small; no butt, no legs, my stomach is even going down, and my brest i feel pretty good

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    at 45, you probably should not get pregnant anyway, the rate of birth defects goes way up after 40. As for your weight issue, have you had your doctor check your thyroid lately?

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    Don't drink or smoke if there is any chance of pregnancy! Though I don't know why you would smoke (or drink if you are underage) anyway! Gaining weight is not an early pregnancy symptom. Noticeable weight gain usually doesn't happen until you are at least 3-4 months along (you can't even notice it, if it is your first baby). Eat well, Be healthy and take a test! Good Luck!

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    get checked for diabetes and depression. 45 yrs old is a tough one, hope you have the stamina, you could adopt, but you've heard that one before.

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    Since this is a change for you, you need to make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup.........

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    call a doctor, for real you might be sick on the inside of your body.

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