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Thoughts on shirts that have the brand name across them...?

Personally, I think they are absolutely ridiculous.

First off- too many people wear them! Jeez, people, be original!

Second off- it is as if you are paying THEM for advertising! You're paying, like, $25 for a shirt that says THEIR name on it!

Third off- people just buy them to fit in. It's stupid and unoriginal, and it saddens me when I see little girls wearing them and soon turning into the average s--lut. -.-

Although- I love everything else in Abercrombie... For the most part, anyway. But I absolutely HATE their shirts that have the brand name!

Your thoughts?

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    You are absolutely right!

    I have no idea why people pay $30 for a plain shirt that has "Hollister" plastered across the boobs! Why is that considered "good-looking?"

    People are just jumping on the band-wagon like you said. I admit that Abercrombie has some nice stuff. Heck my winter coat is from there but honestly? Walking billboard alert!

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    I don't like it. At all. The tops are a bit too tight for a t-shirt and instead of looking cute, you look like a walking billboard. it's very tacky and many people frown upon it. the only time i think it's kind of acceptable is if you're sleeping or chilling out at home.

    honestly i hate them too, because when people look at you they're definitely not thinking "she's a trendsetter."

    i agree with the originality part. i know a lot of people shop at A&F but do you have to rip off your outfit from the mannequin in the store's window?

    they're definitely ridiculous... it's sad.

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    I absolutely agree

    I used to wear them in 7th grade

    the only reason girls wear them is so people are aware they shop there

    its a lot cuter to just wear things that you like and have a touch of you

    not just shirt that say HOLLISTER or AMERICAN EAGLE or HURLEY

    anything like that isn't style it's just bland

    trying to show a little of who are is a lot better than that

    that just says you try too hard

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    I agree with you.

    It's like, people are walking billboards.

    They should be paying US to wear their shirts :)

    I also don't think they are fashionable at all. Fashion isn't a hollister logo on a t shirt that is otherwise boring and plain.

    they look like the person who is wearing them is dull.

    i have a few, but they are from middle school, when i felt like that was "cute".

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    i used to wear those in middle school, i have to laugh at myself though. its amazing how people think that's 'stylish' and 'cute'. it's a tee shirt with HOLLISTER written right across it. whats pretty about that? (though they have some cute sweaters and jeans there) you're a walking billboard, how charming. buy some real clothes, get some style.

    i agree with you 100%

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    i think that u r right i like wet seal alot b/c they have alot of cute choltes but no brand names on them

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