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purity rings who has one?

who has a purity ring and please tell me about it and ill tell you aobut mine


i know they have them but any one eles mine is a 6 caret diomond with a gold ring under and 14 caret lil diomonds arong it it is just so perfect thank good my parents are billionairs

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    the Jonas Brothers =l

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    I love my purity ring. I love them because when you get married I love the idea of giving all of myself to my future husband rather than only part of myself.

    My ring is gold with two small hearts, and in between the hearts is my birthstone. I feel really good wearing it, even though people judge people who do wear them for certain reasons. My ring is guarding my heart, and when I get married, my husband will take it off and replace it with my wedding ring. I know some people take it off when they get engaged, but I wouldn't because they don't get the right to my heart until we are married.

  • Alyssa
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    Mine is sterling silver and says True Love Waits.

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    i have one. it's got a heart and a cross, kinda like it's guarding my heart and then there's a key. so like the guy that i end up being with has the key to my heart.

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  • 1 decade ago

    miley cyrus && da jonas bros

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