How do you feel about the Declaration of Independence?

How do you feel about the declaration of independence? what does it represent for you in this day and age? Do you see the United states as a revolutionary nation still ? why or why not? What about for generations before ours????

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    In Congress, July Fourth, 1775.....

    The Declaration of Independence is one of the two most important documents in American history. By signing the Declaration of Independence, 55 men ultimately committed high treason against the king of England, and had we lost the Revolution, they would have been executed. They knew this, but they also knew that what they were doing, though considered wrong by society, was the only right thing to do under the circumstances. They showed exemplary courage by doing what they did, because most people felt that the militias didn't stand a chance against England. They underestimated what became the first generation of undaunted American courage, and determination. The signers of the Declaration of Independence did not. In fact, they were part of that first generation. To me the Declaration of Independence is not only a sign of sovereignty for the U.S, but a symbol of the undaunted American courage and determination that has existed in this country since the 1770's. It is a symbol of the millions of brave Americans that have fought to defend Freedom, many of which were killed in the process, since 1775. It is a symbol of my own intense love for America, and for Freedom. The Declaration of Independence represents who I am.

    God bless America!

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    The Declaration of Independence was written for one purpose, to proclaim the independence of the American colonies from England. Today, the beauty of the Declaration lies not on religious or political arguments but on transcendent universal principles.

    The Declaration is one of those rare documents that is not just for the people that were writing it but can be used by anyone or nation in a state where freedom is being denied. Instead of us trying to impose on the Declaration what we want, why not view it for what it is, a wonderful written and beautifully argued reason for why man deserves freedom and liberty.

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    Eloquent document

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    A good thing.

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