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Question for a dog expert. My dog keeps urinating in my room?

I have a chihuahua/dachshund who is 4 years old. I had him since he was 6 weeks old and he lived with me for 2 years. After 2 years, I moved and he went to live with my sister, which he was really close to so it wasn't a big problem. Well, I just got him back about 2 months ago and everything seemed fine. He was using the bathroom outside like he always has. He seemed happy. Well about a week ago, my best friend moved in with me and shares a room with me. The same room that Cooper, my dog shares with me.

Since my friend moved in, he has peed in my room three times. Two times has been on my bed. The first time he was just laying there and he started to pee without getting up or anything, Just laying there. Well my friend disciplined him with a newspaper and put him outside on his chain. The second time, My friend and I were both outside of the room and Cooper was in my room by himself. When we came in, my buddy started petting him and went to pick him up and realized he was peeing once again. The last time was today where he was laying on my bed and My friend walked in started petting him and looked down to see a big circle of pee that the dog was laying in. He moved him over and Cooper was still peeing. All three times we have spanked him with a news paper, told him no, and put him outside.

Why is he doing this. Is it something mentally or could it be some sort of bladder problem. I was thinking it had something to do with territorial issues being as my friend just moved in. But could it be something with his urinary track?

And am I not disciplining him the right way? Are their better methods? I just really need some suggestions as of what to do. Please only serious answers.

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    i think youre right it might be territorial issues because of your friend moving in your dog feels unwanted or been moved from its"space"

    good luck getting that bad habit over i think that punishing him is good i mean to educate him of course

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    Pack issues

    Anxiety issues

    Why is your friend disciplining him? And why hitting him with a newspaper?

    It your dog neutered? If not get him done and get him a bed of his own. Sleeping positions are VERY important to dogs and he should not be on YOUR bed. Since your friend has moved in he has been pushed down the pack as he sees it, especially since this person is now beating him with a newspaper, you really are confusing your dog.

    Dogs are not little people, they are a completely different animal species and they think very differently to people.

    Get him neutered

    Get him his own bed

    Go to a training class and put some motivational training in

    Go and lead walk him daily, whatever the weather and deplete some of his energy

    and stop beating him with a newspaper!

    Source(s): Animal Human Behaviourist.
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    I agree with the others. You're little "angel" may have some protection issues over you and it's bed. Yes, it's bed. Set some laws yourself. Maybe your pup shouldn't hang out on your bed since he's beginning to think he owns it.

    The newspaper thing won't help. I'm sorry. We knock our puppy to the side when we catch her in the act of having an accident, then take her out.

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    whilst your dogs rolls over and shows her abdomen she is exhibiting submissive behaviour, she's saying she accepts you're alpha. She is likewise leash aggressive and sounds like she might have separation stress as she constantly must be n ear you. at the start, you will possibly desire to make certain why she is peeing. Does she purely might desire to bypass and isn't any longer housebroken? as a result you will possibly desire to crate practice her and take her exterior to do her buisness. If she is going then she is welcome interior the domicile and can be out of her crate and with you. If she does not bypass then decrease back into the crate she is going. I also have a feeling although that she is urinating for a diverse reason. Is she getting scared and going? attempt to pinpoint what that's it is occurring so as which you would be able to make certain a thank you to renounce it. As for the leash aggression i might recommend you're taking her to a good coach which grants help to with this. That way each little thing might properly be in a administration atmosphere. interior the period in-between, once you're taking her for a walk carry a intense value cope with (chicken, cheese etc.). Then once you notice a dogs coming take her and distract her. you are able to coach her 'watch me' so as that she watches you and then she gets the cope with. you will possibly desire to shop doing this to distract her you are able to no longer in elementary terms say it as quickly as and assume her to act. it is going to take numerous time. Does your dogs cry or injury issues whilst left on my own or is removed from you? it is an illustration of separation stress. attempt no longer making a huge deal approximately leaving, bypass away for 2 minutes then come decrease back. forget approximately her once you return decrease back for 5 minutes. After that 5 minutes you are able to bypass and puppy her or get a toy and play. Repeat this yet stay away for 3 minutes, etc. etc. till you are able to stay away for longer.

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    ok well your dog is marking it teritory it wants to show you that the romm is his do you have him fixed if you dont you might want to you cango to your local petco or petsmart and ask for smothing that hides the senct spry your foom with it and also get a washing one and clean your bed with it.Also he might be try to tell cooper that he is bigger and more domint plus saying that cooper is not your dog anymore

    That is most likely what is happening but i would take him to the vets he might have a heath problem

    p.s never punshi him like hitting or anything right when he pees put him outside for aabout 5 min in the winter 2 mins so he learns that i cant go in there i have to go outside also say sharply NO

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