List three important functions of lipids in living organisms?

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    1 decade ago
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    Lipids make up 18-25% of body mass

    Triglycerides are the most plentiful lipids in your body

    Triglycerides: Protection, insulation, energy storage

    Phospholipids: major lipid component of cell membranes

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    5 years ago

    Cell membranel structure Constitutes a barrier for the cell Controls membrane fluidity Controls the flow of material in and out of the cell Energy storage (for instance, fats stored in adipose tissue) Lipid hormones like steroids and eicosanoids - mediate communication between cells Signal transduction - function in the transmission of information in cells Lipid vitamins - required for metabolism, usually as coenzymes

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    lipids=fat molecule. They store energy, structure cell membranes, and act as signaling molecules. Cholesterol is one example of a lipid.

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