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How can my Fire Department trim our budget and/or expand services without laying off any firefighters? Any sug?

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    If you're going to expand services, then you absolutely do not want to lay off personnel. Look at your inventory, and see if any of the levels are running higher than necessary. For example, if you find that you're storing more cleaning supplies than you really need, then skip a purchase, or buy less at a time.

    Whether that's a feasible answer depends a lot on how much of your budget you've got to trim. If it's a bigger chunk, then you may want to rework your schedule to cut back on overtime. It hurts to take money out of a fireman's pocket like that, but it sure beats laying anyone off.

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    do no longer hire greater fireman. laying off energetic fireman is the final factor they are going to decide for to do. no person should be positioned out of the artwork. i'm specific their union will do each little thing of their ability to sidestep such. The union can no longer provide up the township or city from no longer hiring greater human beings although. via no longer hiring greater fireman, you will no longer could have greater hearth vans. they gained't would desire to construct greater firehouses. they could decrease returned on over the years too. it may be something well worth getting dissatisfied approximately if somebody have been to lose their activity - besides the fact that in the event that they have been basically there a 365 days. yet human beings is basically no longer almost as dissatisfied in the event that they only flow right into a hiring freeze. If there are human beings on your township who decide for to be fireman, they might return and forth to a distinctive city or county to attain this.

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    first you need to see what you are using more. than see what you can do with out for a little while. if you are going to expand. put so many people in one area. that way if you need back up you will always have at least one or two people to take the other person's place to work.

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    It's hard to say without seeing what is in the budget. For example, if your budget calls for a Thanksgiving-style turkey dinner every Thursday... that might be a place where you could cut back a little.

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    all the new recruits should work for minimum wage,?

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