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help! social outcast/loner!?

At school, there's this girl and she's really nice and popular but I'm sort of an outcast (who does have friends though) and you can't carry on a conversation with me because I make everything awkward and I don't know what to say next. Okay, so this girl is really nice to me but I can't tell if she actually saw something in my personality she liked or she's just being friend out of pity. I'd say more likely pity but if so, what should I do? Because if I get too open to her and she already thinks I'm weird, I'll look stupid and seem weirder. If I'm reserved, it'll make me boring and weird. I've seen some of the yahoo questions here about how people hate it when someone who's sort of an outcast thinks you're their friend and always sticks to them, and I don't want to be like that because it'll only make me look bad and humiliating.


so my question is should i be open or reserved or whatever else?

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    Just be yourself. Don't go out of the blue!

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