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We've got really old central heating in our rented house - two radiators aren't working - help?

We've bled all the radiators and all but two are working - one upstairs in the back bedroom and one in the front room - the boiler is downstairs (in the downstairs bathroom). We think it's a problem with the thermostats on the radiators - how can we be sure and how can we solve the problem without too much expense (landlord won't pay out!)


Stop paying rent = grounds for eviction. Useful answers please

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    stop paying rent

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    you will open up the different valve it incredibly is often set while the heating is put in. you will decide for a spanner or wrench of the suited length on the nut on the backside, and turn anti-clockwise to open. previous radiators each now and then get finished up with sludge, disgusting black stuff which could get carry of on the backside. If there is sufficient of this it could block the radiator altogether. If establishing the valve does not artwork, then attempt establishing up the drain plug slowly and notice what comes out. you may would desire to empty off a number of the sludge until the rad warms up.

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