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advice on having twins?

ok well i was wondering whats the go with twins or triplets ect, do they skip a generation? we have one daughter now. twins run in my family (not in my partners) my mum had quads after my brother and i ( but they died) my aunt had twins (but one died) my grannys mum had twin brothers, on my dads side there is twins somewhere close.

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    I'm not sure how it works. I've been told that twins usually skip a generation. Like my great grandmother had twins and then my mother did. But I also had twins [two sets actually]. My grandmother had triplets and my brother's wife had triplets too. So I'm not sure.

    Twins are easy - if you do end up with them - plus be thankful that you would have two babies. Some people can't even have one. My first twins were a boy and a girl. I was so overwhelmed when I found out I never thought I'd be able to raise two of them at once. A few days after they were born our son died. I felt horrible that I had ever doubted I had wanted two.

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    Ok, there's a lot of myths around twins - I especially love the one about them skipping a generation. How on earth a woman's ovaries know what generation they are in is beyond me.

    The truth is that most twins just happen spontaneously with no family history at all.

    Identical twins truly are just pure chance, there is no historical link there at all. It's the luck of the draw.

    Fraternal twins can run in family, but the majority are born with no family history.

    A woman's age is the biggest factor in the possibility of twinning (or more!). The older she is, the more likely the chance of a multiple pregnancy. Also if a woman has had a multiple pregnancy in the past her chances are higher next time.

    With regard to family history, it has to be a direct maternal link. The father's family has nothing to do with it. But if the mother, her mother, or her grandmother, or great-grandmother etc has had twins, her chances are slightly increased.

    Source(s): RN Midwife, IVF Consultant and mother of 7
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    We have no history of multiples on either side of the family to anyones knowledge and we are expecting twins doing some research quickly here is a site with some facts about possibly increasing your odds of having multiples

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    normally, they say twins, triplets skip a generation. Though, I had triplets about a month ago & it did not skip a generation. Twins, are common in my family, but no triplets. So,It all depends. You may have, twins, you may not. But, I can defiantly say, from the looks of all of the multiples born in your family, multiples are defiantly a possibility.!

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Mom of triplets !
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    my name is katherine and my identical twin sister's name is traci! im a freshman in highschool. me and my twin never got along really, but i do love her. my mom had to be on bed rest for 6 months of the pregnancy. we were born on january twelfth, 13 days late. we both weighed 4 pounds and 3 oz. that whole "skip a generation" stuff is not extremely consistent, however. so you may end up with twins, but it is not guaranteed. if you do, good luck! ( i hear a lot from my mother that twins with 4 other siblings was difficult)

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    I think someone maned Mendel (?) did a pioneering study of hereditary Laws.You might find info on the web about this and how it applies to human beings.

    Source(s): Science class long,long ago.
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    The only advice I can give on having twins is to not have any!

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    sounds like you gone have triplets, an ones gone live.

    congrats (:

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    if it were to happen then hope for the best.

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