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exporting question for dirtbikes?

im buying dirtbikes but the seller wont sell to me unless i sighn for a documentation stating that im exporting bikes how bad is that what does thad do


also i dont have credit history im 19 so do i have to have some kind of insurance or problems with bank does it go on history or what does it do please explain with detail for best answer

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    well exporting means you are shipping it out of the country and selling it there it could be that the government is giving tax deductions to exporters of goods and not jobs to help the economy but if you are not going to. tell him no i will not sign it i am not exporting it if you don't want to do legal business than stop wasting my time. and don't kid yourself if the government finds out you sighed a government form to promise to export a product and didn't you will be the one in the most trouble so if he doesn't agree to your demands move on there are plenty of bikes on the side of the road.

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    another loophole to "for export only" is that the bike has a known safety defect like a recall but no dealers to service it, making it illegal to sell. is this a chinese bike perchance? or if it has a title, is it a non repairable title?

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