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Does he think I am stupid? ?

my step dad promised to sign me up for a class but he keeps putting it off. He has done this for 2 months. I was going to pay for it. Anyway he keeps telling me that he will talk to the teacher of this particular class when he sees me? Should I keep trusting that BS? It has been 2 months. He knows I can't sign myself up since I am underage. Also he knows how I feel. Should I give up?


he is not that busy since he can take his real son to the park for 3 hours which gets me pist.

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    This is lazy.

    He wont spend time with his three year old, what makes you think he will take the time to help you out?

    Don't give up, keep nagging. Eventually he will wear down and do it just to get you off his back.

    If your mom is in the picture, can't she do it? Or maybe an Aunt?

    I don't know your circumstances so it's hard to give you advice.

    What kind of classes? If they are ones the parent's don't want you to take that could be a reason it's being put off.

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    get your mother to do it...sounds like you really want this clas.. and if you cant get your mother to do it talk to the teacher and tell her whats going on...they usually work around that kind of stuff or get an other adult

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    Get your mum to do it,why wait for him.

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