how will nintendo stop online cheating in mario kart wii? i wanna be apart of busting these lowlives?

i wonder if nintendo has the tools needed to ban certain users from mario kart wii online. i found out today about how these full grown men cheat in a little kids racing game that sucks in the first place. if i ever saw a cheater online, i would report it to nintendo or with any luck if i got the friend code of the cheater.

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    The cheating you are talking about comes from a program people install on the Wii's called 'homebrew'. That with a flaw in the Zelda twilight princess game allows people to modify game codes and create cheats. The last Wii firmware (v3.3) update did a lot to help block the use of the twilight hack - homebrew channel. Eventually hackers will figure away around what nintendo did. And nintendo will issue another update to block those changes. It will be a never ending struggle to keep game play clean (without cheaters). The good new is homebrew can cause problems with the Wiis system and save files and can make the users Wii unplayable. Once they send it in to get fixed they will find out by downloading homebrew they will have voided their warranty and will have to pay lots of money to get it fixed.

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    I don't know why but in the first few months of mario kart, online play was perfect. but now when I go on, races get cancelled,teleporting players. and when races get cancled or connection is lost I lose as many points as I would by coming last in a race with 12 other peoplle, this really annoyes me and I am not sure how nintendo would come about this. I am pretty sure they wont do anything because Super smash bros brawl looks really bad when it comes to wi-fi and mario kart might end up being the same....But if things turned out otherwise Nintendo would do something smart like selling products to improve online play (if it gets ANY worse people will be glitching the wii shop channel)

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    Well I know Nintendo is Clamping down on the people who post obviously fake times on the Time Trials and are kicking them off but I don't know about the things like unlimited blue shells and stuff. I mean even if you could report, most of the time the hackers names are something like:


    so that would make it difficult

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