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Do you have sex while AF is visiting?


Oh! believe me, I go for it! I am really horney around this time. Some people think it is gross though.

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    Of course...we just make sure to lay a towel down first.

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    I'll say! It's the best time,although a bit messy but wow is my wife ready! I earned my red wings long ago. So don't be a prude and go for it.When it's that time for my wife she can last much longer and gets much wilder then normal times of the month.Plus we shower together after and that often leads to another session.I thought every one did that.

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    AF (Do you mean Aunt Flow?? = period)

    Yes, but not on the first day since it's the worst and only right after a shower. The other days we just use a towel to cover the sheets...

  • Ashley
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    Yeah we do. I wasnt comfortable with it until I knew he was.

    Although because of my BC I only get it 4 times a year, so that helps.

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    Depends on how I'm feeling. I get VERY depressed then and tend to eat a lot of sugar, which doesnt help. But if I'm feeling good, of course. We do it nearly everyday. Much more sensitive then

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