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Can i lose 8 kilos in 2 months by?

eating special k with no milk for breakfast, drink water all day long, eat an apple and almonds for lunch, and a small meal of healthy food for dinner. and exercise in high intense for 1 hour a day. Is there anything i can do to make the weight come off quicker, please help.

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    i lost 9 kilos in 10 weeks By doing this diet

    Breakfast- Special K cerial ( Skim Milk )

    Lunch- Roll with Ham

    Dinner- Bowl of rice / Or Grilled chicken & Veggies / Or pasta

    Never eat Inbetween meals and only drink water

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    i only work in pounds...but EATING HELPS YOU LOSE gain weight and get more bloated when you dont eat..why do you think all the little somalian kids bellies look so big? you have to eat 5-6 small meals(size of your fist 4oz) throughtout ur day to keep your body burning calories. THIS ALONE will help you to take pounds off VERY quickly. but if you really wanna turn up the boosters, you need to exercise as well...yes that includes lifting weights, it takes more calories to repair muscle than fat. so there you go, for FREE i just set u up on a diet plan and exercise....if you stick to this, I PROMISE'll lose weight and keep it off, not to mention STAY VERY HEALTHY

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    I was 170lbs before, I tried south beach diet combine with exercise, now I'm 150lbs and still losing weight.

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