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Pendulum question if a pendulums motion is shown ...?

by θ(t)=Zsin (ωt+P)

and the length of the pendulum is 1.2m and when t=0 it is released from rest at θ = 0.25 rad. How do you define equations for displacement θ in terms of t. Also for the angular velocty dθ/dt.

I can calculate ω given the above information, but i am still then left with the Z and P which i am not sure what to do with. Any help appreciated to get me on my way

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    θ(t )= Z sin (ωt+P)

    dθ/dt = Zω cos (ωt+P)

    initial condtion;

    dθ/dt = 0 at t =0

    Zω cos (ω(0)+P) = 0

    Zω ≠ cos (P) = 0

    P = ½π (2n -1)..................n = 1, 2, 3, 4.............

    let take n = P = ½π

    initial condtion;

    θ = 0.25 at t =0

    0.25= Z sin (ω(0) + ½π)

    Z = 0.25

    general solution

    θ(t )= 0.25 sin (ωt + ½π)

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