can little hands play les pauls?

k well i have small hands and i went to the store and i tried out some gibson les pauls...and theyre a little too big even the tapered 60s neck are a little too big....WOW was i disappointed...does this mean i can never play a lespaul for the rest of my life?? (im already 20 so theres no chance of my hands growing)


fender strats are perfect for me size wise (neck)

just for ur reference

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yeah Gibson guitars have wider necks.

    Fender necks are more slim and narrow.

    It is never too late. I'm sure you can learn play it, you might just need to adjust to it.

    My friend plays a Gibson SG and he has small hands with fat fingers.

    He can really really shred.

    Check out some ESP or Ibanez guitars if you want guitars with humbuckers.

    If you still want Fenders, they do make guitar with humbuckers, the HSS ones.

    Source(s): I play guitar.
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