What does it mean by this? (Coast Guard related)?

ok i was reading the requirements more join the guard i need to do the following things : Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.

Pass a military entrance medical exam.

Have no more than two dependents

the rest of them i understand but these I dont so i would like some help and plz dont answer if you dont know what your talking about plz like i want to know what those tests are and whats a dependent so thanks


also will i get to choose what i want to do in the coast guard or will they asign me the job

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    Well, the ASVAB is a written test that will see where your skills are at, and what kind of jobs you will be eligible for. The medical exam is like a physical but sometimes there are certain weight and height restrictions. And dependents, well in basic terms are people who you support financially. Wife, kids ect. If your young, you don't need to worry about that. And as for jobs, your ASVAB score will put you in a certain range for what you will be qualified to choose from.. good luck!!

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    The ASVAB is a written o computerized test. It was developed by the DOD. AFQT portion of the test (Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension, can't remember what the last two are called but they deal with math, and the other understanding words), decides whether you qualify to enlist. The rest of the 9 tests are used by the branches to determine which jobs you are eligable for.

    The medical exam just makes sure you won't say fall over dead the minute you step near basic. Lol it just check your physical and mental health.

    The "no more than two dependents" is basically people who rely on you to care for them in some way (i.e. money). So you could have a spouse and a child.

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    You can choose any job you qualify for.

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