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Will the Caucasian race eventually die out?

‘White’ is a recessive trait, same as being blond. Studies have said that the last natural blond will be born in Norway in less than 300 years. Due to inter breeding, recessive traits will die out. Barrack Obama is 50% white and 50% black but is considered black and contains the appearance of the more dominate traits. Studies have said that Caucasians will be a minority in as little as 30 years in the USA. World wide, Caucasians have only ~ 1.9 children per couple – a number that is always shrinking and this doesn’t consider inter-racial couples. The point is not a bias against any race but only on observation.

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    The last natural blond theory was calculated with the factors of interracial breeding, and also global warming. 300 years is not a long time, it's an assumption that shouldn't be taken serious. It's a persons opinion and not a fact.

    30% of White America is mixed with black or native american, even in low percentages, so yes pure White Americans will be a minority within the next 100 years.

    Yes, Caucasians will eventually die out like all other races.

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    That 'blonds dying out' was an April fools from a few years ago.

    In America; yes you'll be a minority, then you'll all blend into one- that process has began already.

    European Caucasians have fewer kids because they are in the developed world.. But I'd like to point out tha middle Easterners and North Africans have masses of kids and they are Caucasians too.

    So no, not in danger of dying out.

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    White is just a subjective judgment on the amount of pigment in the skin. It is controlled by multiple genes. It is very likely that human populations will mix and the darkest and lightest will be less common. Skin color is so superficial that it shouldn't be given much weight as far as race goes. It is just the most obvious thing to see. We will probably change but we have been changing for over 3.5 billion years so I doubt that is necessarily a bad thing.

    The fact the BO calls himself black shows how superficial he is.

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    I think that the genetic miscegenation which is occurring in today's global environment will eventually lead to the homogenization of all 'races' (as the genetic differences between 'races' are incredibly minute anyway), but the way things are going, humans will probably destroy themselves before that happens...

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    Does he report this giddily with a half suppressed smile like most psycho genocidal leftists?

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    i don't think so

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