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Should the “Fairness Doctrine” be more accurately renamed the “Censorship Doctrine”?




Why did the majority of Congress vote for the Patriot Act then? What are you doing that you would be worried about the Patriot Act? Unless you were planning something bad…

Green Pagan:

Even most Democrats understand that the Censorship Doctrine would be put in place just to reign in talk radio. It will be overwhelmingly biased against Conservatives, your point is therefore negated.

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    Anybody who thinks the Fairness Doctrine would not be used as a Liberal tool is dreaming. Probably dreaming of their deranged version of Utopia.

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    actually, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom postpone and Newt Gingrich have given socialism a good call. those each and every man or woman is for large authorities, in order that it advantages the very rich. right here's an get jointly. Your an assitant manager at a Kroger shop in Keokuk, Iowa making $32,000 a 365 days and pay 20% earnings tax. Mr./Ms. X is a Wall highway financier who makes a million a 365 days. He/she will pay 15% on capital effective factors He/she strikes the 70' yacht on the Inland Waterway between both homes in ny and Boca Raton, Florida two times a 365 days. right here's the question, does the Kroger worker or the yacht proprietor pay a significantly better % of their earnings for upkeep of the Intercoastal Waterway? imagine about it.

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    First Amendment>Fairness Doctrine

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    I can't say that I support the fairness doctriine, but I don't see how it censors anything. If anything, it allows *more* voices to be heard. What makes me uncomfortable about it is the fact that it would force privately owned radio stations to broadcast material their listeners aren't interested in hearing.

    Your "Well that's what they *say* but everybody knows what they're *really* up to," argument is completely vacuous. You have provided not a single shred of evidence showing that the doctrine would be overwhelmingly biased. Green's point is therefore valid.

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    It should be renamed but once again Obama is counting on people not to know the difference. That assumption has worked very well for him. It will only be when it's too late that you will hear a mass "Oh, I get it now!"

  • Anonymous
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    No. The Fairness Doctrine does not call for any censorship. Conservative talk radio is just scared because they believe stations would rather drop their syndicated programs than schedule liberal shows to balance out their programming.

    I find it funny that the people that complain the loudest about how liberal biased mainstream media is would oppose the Fairness Doctrine so loudly as well. The Fairness Doctrine would force liberally biased stations to carry more conservative programming, as well.

  • Chin T
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    Yes it is a censorship doctrine.

    Often they name things the exact opposite of what they are particularly the bad legislation. Interesting how "liberals" are the ones who want to censor free speech isn't it?

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    Thats what it ought to be called but the reason they call it the Fairness Doctrine is to disguise it. Like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

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    I must agree with you. There is nothing fair about censoring the First Amendment. If you don't want to listen to Rush Limbaugh, turn him off. Do not take away his right to free speech.

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    No... actually, it does the opposite of censorship... it prevents selective coverage which excludes "the other opinion".

    For instance, if you have a company that laid off 2,000 workers - you're not allowed to ONLY interview the guy who laid them off... you have to ALSO interview one of the folks who got screwed...

    But it doesn't say that you're not allowed to interview the guy who laid them off... you can still do that.

    So it would be the anti-censorship Doctrine if anything...

    If the media is truly as "liberal" as conservatives claim, then they should want the Fairness Doctrine immediately...

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