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how does one become this figure? (pic included)?

So...over the past year and a half, I've lost about 30 +/- pounds, thankfully. However, I'm still about 15 pounds above my goal weight, but I can you look like this? I hope not with weights because I reallyyyy don't want to bulk up :-\.

Thanks :)

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  • Weights. You have a set number of lean body pounds on your frame. You may need to add 2-5 pounds of muscle to "tone up" so you can look like that.

    Sorry :(

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    You cannot bulk up with weights. It's physiologically impossible. Those beefed up girls you see with massive muscles are usually using some kind of synthetic growth hormone. You have to build muscle to burn fat.

    The girls on this page lift weights and they are far from bulky. Muscles are sexy... try them on..

    Source(s): I'm a trainer
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    try running

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