cam selection 383 chevy?

im building a 388 stroker (3.75 in stroke, 4.060 bore) and i have everything to complete this build except for a camshaft. i'd like to go with a roller cam (i'm not sure of the advantages/disadvantages of solid roller vs. hydrolic roller), but im not sure what cam i need. the parts i have are as follows: forged keithblack pistons with 6.4 cc dish (compression ratio is 10.24 with the 64 cc heads), patriot performance 64cc aluminum heads with 190cc intake runners, edelbrock performer rpm intake, scat 6" i-beam rods, eagle stroker crank, speedpro rings, summit roller rockers 1.5 ratio, holly 750 cfm double pumper, summit brand ignition box/rev limiter/distributer, and highflow oilpump and fuel pump. i would like to run vacuum brakes, but isn't a nessesity. i'm running a 700r4 tranny with a 2500 stall and a fully manual valve body, and 4.10 gears in the rear. this engine is going in a '75 silverado. this would b a street/strip truck, leaning more twards strip. what cam selection would be best for me. also what kind of power could i expect from this combo. please do not try n answer these questions if you only think you know what you're talken about and you dont really know.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is a download that you can get from Crane Cams that will give a cam recommendation for your application. Just link up to Crane Cams.

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