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Choosing a tennis racquet.?

Okay, my tennis racquet just broke, and I have about 200 dollars to spend on a new one. I prefer racquets that have a good chunk of power, and some control as well. Recently, I tried my friends Andy Roddick's Babolat Pure Drive Plus, and it was a hell of a racquet.

I just want your suggestions if getting the Andy Roddick's Babolat Pure Drive Plus is the best option, or another option.

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    my friend has that one and he luvs it to death

    GET IT!!!! IT IS WORTH TE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i think you should get a hell thrower its so cool when ever you hit it it goes not that far like to the next street but if you do hit hard it might go 3 streets away i have 1.its called hell thrower

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