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Is our puppy too thin? I need opinions. (Pictures)?

Our eight week old Siberian husky mix (my darling mutt) was weighed recently at 10 pounds at the vet. Do you think she is just built like this or is she just not getting enough food? We feed her 3-4 times a day. I'd say on average that Skylar gets at least 2 cups a day. She gets a lot of exercise outside as well.




Yea, I agree, two cups doesn't sound like a lot, but it's all she'll eat.

Update 2:

We feed her Purina puppy chow, but we're about to start switching over to Science Diet.

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    I would be guided by your vets advice more than anything else. So long as she has been recieving her vacinations, worming and flea treatment regularly she should be fine.

    It has been my experience it is much easier to control and maintain a healthy weight by using a high qualitiy kibble. Be advised by your vet. Most vets will carry a couple of the top performance lines of dog food. It may seem expensive as compared to the grocery store brands, but be assured that your dog is only as healthy as the food you feed him.

    Always follow the manufacturers feeding guide. When using a high quality food you have to feed much less. (which makes thier poo smaller, firmer and much easier to dispose of!)

    I feed my 24kg (VERY active) Pit Bull, 310grams-375grams of Royal Canin per day, depending on how much exercise she has had that day.

    You can research the different dog foods here. It will also explain what to look for in a good quality dog food! http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/

    Skylar is a very pretty girl btw! :)

    Source(s): Various dog forums, vet advice and personal experience.
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    She looks perfect to me.You should be able to easily feel her ribs,but not her hip bones.She should have a thin layer of fat and a tuck,or waist.Your puppy looks fine,and I'm sure that your vet would have said something if he thought she was too thin.

    Edit: I just noticed that you said she is 8 weeks.Ten pounds is perfect for her age. Also,what do you feed her? Two cups sounds like plenty to me,especially if you are feeding a premium puppy food.Of course she will need more as she grows,and then at about 6 months you can start her on an adult food and start to feed just twice a day.

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    Read the feeding guidelines on the bag of food. 2 cups a day doesn't sound like enough food to me.

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    Did your vet say anything about her weight? A puppy is supposed to get twice the amount of food than an adult dog. By the looks of the second picture, I would say a bit underweight. Hopefully someone who has one can let you know for sure.

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  • Lys
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    I was really worried when I read the question thinking I would see a dog with its bones showing but NO! Your pup looks great! (: My puppy doesn't even eat 2 cups of food in a day, so I think you're okay.

    She looks great.

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    she looks good. im sure a little weight wouldnt hurt her, but at least she gets to eat. also it could depend on what shes mixed with. with my boxers its hard to get them to gain weight and they weal twice a day ( a whole bowl each time)

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    What did the Vet say about her weight?

    Sounds quite right to me.

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    she looks healthy just remember that if you see the bones shes thin if you dont see them but feel them shes ok but if you dont see or touch them shes fat! good luck!

    ps it looks like a cat in the first photo

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    Oh boy isn't she cute. She looks good to me. What do you feed her?

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    I think she looks great. She is adorable

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