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Former drug use problem?

Over the past year and a half(ish), I started smoking marijuana, it got to the point of heavy, abused use, and eventually I got to the point where I became absolutely sick of it, and over the past two months i've been THC free (apart from the leftovers that still exist inside of me)... and over these past two months i've realized that my concentration/attention levels have dropped drastically and feel these symptoms every now and then:

* more social withdrawal *

* anxiety and depression *

* attention problems *

* thoughts of suicide * (<<the least of symptoms)

Will this ever subside... Will what feels like ADD, ever go away?! :S

Any advice,information/input to help me out?


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    I was a meth user for years then I stopped. I felt the same way, I found that taking a multi vit. "mega women" from GNC and Vit B complex works wounders!!! I have been clean since 2001 and feel awesome. I just lost the love if my life to a drunk driver in a hit and run and still have not been tempted to use I start to fill down and I go for a run... trust me your feelings are the norm you need to workout and at least take a B complex.

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    Honestly, those are all symptoms of someone using ...or going through withdrawl..Don't continue using..The bad feelings will progressively go away once your body gets used to being normal again.

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