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help with curly hair?

my hair is wavy/loose curls and i get this by using a diffuser and curling spray and moose. Is there any way to make my hair really curly with products and a diffuser with out using an iron so that its like ringlets?


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    You need the shampoo and conditioner. I'll tell you one that works, Sunsilk! That shampoo alone already makes your hair wavy( I got a wavy one), they have a curling one too. It comes with products too. Use it. And it smells really good.



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    What I do when I want my hair to be extra curly is while its damp, I flip my hair over..put a good amount of moose or gel and maybe a tiny bit of spray..and then I scrunch up my hair and tie it up like that (make sure no part of your hair is being pulled or tight, it defeats the whole purpose of curly hair). Then I take a blow dryer and dry it while it's scrunched up. When I let my hair go its bouncy curly.

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