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How can I find out if I still have family in Naples, Italy? I know the port my great grandfather came here on?

I'm studying abroad in Florence, and I'm making a trip to Naples this weekend. I'd really like to find out if my great grandfather who left Naples and whose boat went into Halifax, Nova Scotia had any family left behind. My grandmother is trying to recount what year he left but she can't recall, but she does remember him telling her that they had a castle in Naples somewhere. I'm trying ancestory.com but i'm not getting anything. His name was Giuseppe Visocchi and he left Italy and came in through Halifax's port between 1920-1925. If anyone could help point me in the right direction i'd be forever indebted. Thanks for your time.

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    According to the Ellis Island website, there were 46 people named Visocchi who came to the U.S. through Ellis Island. None were from Naples. When you say "my great grandfather who left Naples" that probably refers to the port where he got on the boat to come here. Naples was the most common port by which southern Italians and some Sicilians left Italy during the height of immigration 100 years ago.

    Many of those 46 Visocchis came from either Atina or Cassino. Both these towns are northwest of Naples, just off a main highway, E45. They're about 60 miles from Naples, according to Google Earth.

    The Italian online phone directory shows 45 listings for Visocchis in Italy - 12 in Atina, 4 in Cassino and a couple in Naples.

    It sounds to me likely that your great-grandfather was from either Atina or Cassino, not Naples. If you know his full name, you can possibly find him on the Ellis Island website and be sure where he was from.

    Source(s): Ellis Island website - www.ellisisland.org Italian online phone directory - http://paginebianche.libero.it
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