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whats a good present for a 9 year old?

she likes baby dolls and i wanted to know if anyone knew a good store i've looked at these sites:walmart,target,and toysrus.any others?


oh yeah! she loves webkinz she has 4! thanks.

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    Try Webkinz. Though prices may be high, they are really a nice present to give. Having 53 of them, I know. You can feed them, buy clothes for them, and expeirience so much fun! But beware... the game is so addicting, she might be on it all the time. Before giving it to her, walk over some rules about the computer times and stuff like that. Good luck!

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    Give Webkinz a shot. My 9 year-old cousin just adores them! That was her Christmas present last year and will be yet again. It is like a pet because you can take care of it (feed it, dress it, decorate its room, the whole 9- yards)

    Check out the website to read a little more

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    Try Fisher price Elmo Live.It can Moving, Talking, Dancing

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