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Are pigs ears bad for dogs?

Iv heard there not really good for dogs, so then why do they still sale them? My 8 lb chihuahua loves 'em.

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    Cigarettes are bad too, but those are still sold.

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    Pig ears, along with rawhides, can be dangerous. Pig Ears carry many of the same dangers as rawhides. They can be torn off in chunks and pose a choking hazard, and they are highly indigestible. If the dog eats too much of them or doesn't chew it into small enough pieces, they can form a blockage in their digestive system, needing surgery to remove it. The only danger rawhide poses that pig ears do not is that rawhides are also chemically bleached, and the end product contains chemical residues. Look for safer items, including bully sticks, Flossies, and raw (totally uncooked, from your butcher) bones.

    They still sell them because the pet supply industry is unregulated and consumers are, by and large, overly trusting and fail to do proper research before buying for their pets. Another item that has caused hundreds of dogs to die or require surgery: Greenies. Yet they are still available at every pet store and supposedly good for your dog. Don't believe me? Google 'Are Greenies Dangerous" You'll find tons of information indicating that they are, including from some extremely reputable sources.

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    I think they are as nasty as rawhides for a dog. Its much better to give raw bones like ham bones or shanks.

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    most pig ears made in the U.S are inspected but there is still a slight chance for salmonella, pig ears are also very high in fat so give them in moderation

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    there are a lot of things on the market that aren't good for animals. you need to use your best judgment. i think they would be ok in moderation. my staffy likes them, my pitbull hates all smoke dried food... (pig ears, raw hide etc) she would rather a lamb shank, which i personally think is healthier. how ever i don't think your chihuahua would be able to take on a lamb shank... my nan gives cold boiled lamb kidneys to her chihuahua as a treat

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    they are very fatty so your dag may gain weight with a lot of them but just some exercise can help that but other than that nothing bad.

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    No, I believe they are okay for dogs.

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    Their better than rawhide!

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