What OTC Medication is out there for cystic acne?

My boyfriend refuses to see a dermatologist (mainly because a: he hates doctors and b: we don't have the money). I'd really like to know any home remedies or OTC things that would help or get rid of his acne.

By acne I mean, hard pimples beneath the surface, they are impossible to 'pop' and rarely go away and lots of large bumpy skin colored patches of blemishes, as well.

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    Since dermatologist is not an option,intensive skincare regime is the best when it comes to cystic acne.Cystic acne result from sensitive skin, so use a treatment product and include in ur skincare regime.Cleanse,tone and moisturize twice a day to regulate ur sebaceous glands and to withdraw any impurities,use a purifying mask once a week.Plus,since u have sensitive skin,stay away from tea tree oil products and antiseptic products since this could make ur skin worse. When acne becomes scars,include a scar serum to improve skin complexion.Ur skin should improve soon.Good luck....

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