negative and zero exponents?

objective- to rewrite expression with negative exponents using only positive exponents

i dont get it!!!

explain to me in detail what im supposed to do please.

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    1 decade ago
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    for example if you have xˆ-2 you can rewrite it as 1/xˆ2

    "cross the line change the sign"

    if you have a negative exponent if you put 1 over the expression it will make the exponent positive

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    4 years ago

    seem at this trend: 10^4 = 10,000 10^3 = a million,000 10^2 = a hundred 10^a million = 10 what's next in this trend? nicely the exponent is going down a million every time so this is going to start up 10^0. And the solutions get divided by using 10 every time so 10 ÷ 10 = a million 10^0 = a million this could ensue no remember what huge style you employ because of the fact the backside, apart from 0. Then seem at this question: Simplify y^3 ----- y^5 the guideline is subtract the exponents, precise? So this is y ^ (3 - 5) = y ^ -2 yet whilst somewhat you write them out and cancel,   y•y•y ------------- y•y•y•y•y you finally end up with a million over y^2 so this shows that damaging exponents merely recommend reciprocals.

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    1 decade ago

    zero exponents are really easy... anytime you see that a number or variable is raised to the zero power it always = 1


    1^0 = 1

    2^0 = 1

    x^0 = 1

    400^0 = 1

    when you have negative exponents and you want postive ones you need to use the reciprical of that number. it's easier than it sounds


    4^-2 = 1/4^2 or 1/16

    5^-x = 1/5^x

    x^-n = 1/x^n

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