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Looking to Become a US Army Recruiter?

I am currently a US Army Soldier and looking to advance my career through recruiting. I am asking any former or current recruiters to tell me about their likes / dislikes and what the benefits and challenges are. Thank you.

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    Very challenging and I believe I answered your question threw an email you sent me threw "Answers."

    SSG Schramm

    US Army 16 years

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    Talk to your career counselor, army recruiter work the hardest among all branch, most hours works, the army recruiter in my area work in weekend and even at Christmas day. Too meet the high number of recruit they are require to get or they might get a bad evaluation which would damage their career for promotion. Army recruiter are for for soldier for who has some combat experience, and a good talker and social skill. Recruiter in a lot of way is similar to a Car Sales Man.

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    quotas and the used car salesman mentality.

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