How can I work on a magazine like Teen Vogue when I am older? ?

Hey everyone. It's me Macy Walker. I have been thinking for the longest time about my future. (Gosh it's such a hard thing to do) Well anyways I was thinking about having a career for like teen vogue. You know like a reporter, stylist, or anything like that. What do I need to do now in order to be able to do that in the future. List collages, grades, and other important stuff like that. THANKS!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    You don't need college grades, qualifications or anything except talent and the ability to write. Lots of people got started simply by writing about things they knew a lot about, but (a big but) they had talent and something to say.

    Your biggest advantage could be the fact that you are the same age as the people that Teen Vogue caters for - so your opinions could matter. How you feel about life, boys, fashion, school, what sucks and what doesn't. Especially, if you could feed into your articles the broad spectrum of the way your teen friends feel about the world.

    Why not start by writing your own blog and see if your friends like what you have to say. Illustrate it with digital photos that you've taken. You could even use a simple desktop publishing program and print a class newspaper.

    When you feel that you are ready, send samples to the editor of your local newspaper or a magazine that you and your friends like to read and just ask if s/he would like to commission you to write more.

    Don't think that you'll get a bite straightaway - perseverance will be necessary.

    If you follow this advice, your own performance at school will benefit and your grades should improve because you'll have an objective to aim for and that will guide the things that you choose to learn to get better.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Former editor of professional journal circulating to metallurgists in the United Kingdom, former publicity manager of an engineering company and long-time freelance technical copywriter.
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    You can take some journalism classes which will help you write like a reporter, and/or Broadcasting classes which will help you in a news environment.

    These classes can be taken at community colleges; you can transfer towards that same goal in UC's or CSU's (or various state colleges).

    If you're set on what you want to do, you can look on, and it will list colleges (if you're in the California area) where you can work towards your degree in the chosen field...

    Source(s): Me. I'm working towards a goal the film/tv biz....
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    To agree with what someone said earlier, experience and a good portfolio of professional work will aid you more than classes at a school (but do it if you feel you must).

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