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Is it true that if i am 13 and am 4 ft i am unhealthy?

i weigh 65 Ib is that unhealthy

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    If you think your unhealthy you may want to start with a doctor. Only being 13 leaves you with plenty of time to grow. I've seen a lot of kids when I was in school grow as much as 6 inches during school break. I started growing at an older age then most kids. It's hard to take the words don't worry about it. But Im guessing you will be taller and heavier then you are right now. 13 is a good age to start working out exercising. Start thinking of a good way to eat healthy foods. think about getting good grades in school try to think positive. If you can develop a positive way of thinking you will grow in all things,

    . Good Luck and think positive.

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    No definitely not! It all depends on u personally, If u know that u eat healthily and take regular exercise and have good regimes then u should be fine. If this does worry u thou, don't hesitate 2 talk 2 ur GP or preferably ur mum about it.

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    My son is 8 years old & he is 4'2" & about 60 pounds. You might just be on the shorter side. I am 29 years old & am 4'10"

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    you are very very short, but it depends what your weight is..

    when i was 10 i was 4'11

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