Need help please?! Trying to Conceive #1?

I am TTC #1 (woo hoo!)

My last period was on Oct 28, and my cycle is typically 27 days. That put my date of ovulation around Nov 10. So, I suppose I am 2dpo. The last 4 days I had major cramps, clear CM, and a headache that wouldn't go away. Are headaches a symptom of ovulation? I went off the pill in Sept. so I don't remember the symptoms of ovulation!

As for today, since I am only 2dpo (or predicted ovulation) I am not experiencing any headache. It just went away this morning. I am feeling very bloated, and gassy. I have a little bit of cramping but not bad at all.

What could I be experiencing? Is there a chance I haven't ovulated yet? Or could I possibly conceived? I don't know what to expect and feel for. Since my period isn't due for another 12 days, I doubt I am experiencing PMS right now.

Any thoughts will help! Thanks in advance!


I forgot to mention that me and my boyfriend had sex every day since Nov 1. Today was the first day we didn't - because he is out of town working!

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    Have sex every other day

    Wait 5 days after your period ends and have sex every other day and that worked me.

    I went threw this to, unitl my friend told me just do it this way.

    And boom after trying for 4 months I finnaly got pg after using this method.

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    1 decade ago

    That could of just been ovulation i dont think you could have pregnancy symptoms a couple days after sex.

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