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What is the difference between and

Other than price, what is the differences and pros and cons?

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    Eharmony does a better job of matching you up with people based on both of you having compatible personalities. This is great if you have a history of dating people (and getting into relationships) based on looks, then finding out that the two of you aren't compatible at all. There's a free profile, and you can see your matches, but to communicate and get contact info, you have to become a member. As with any dating service, you'll have some hits... and some big misses, too. I'd recommend Eharmony if you are looking to settle down and get married, or into a serious relationship. Two of its major drawbacks are that there are no offerings for the LGBT community (gay people), and they send you the matches, so you can't browse profiles/photos, and can't interact with new people who might be compatible (despite what their personality tests say).

    Match is more of a meet market. As one of the biggest online singles sites, there are plenty of people to choose from, and you can browse profiles/photos to pick who you think would be right for you. Match's biggest drawback is that (with that much competition), you almost *have* to spend some time and money tweaking your profile so that it's just right. Some people will get 80-90% of the messages, while others may see few or no results at all. This is especially true for men; it may be less the case for women. While Match doesn't specifically cater to the "less serious relationships" crowd, by its design, it will tend to attract a good number of those, for better or worse.

    With both sites, you will wind up having to spend some money, if you actually want to communicate with other people. For my money, I'd prefer to meet someone in person; at least then you know what you are getting, and there are fewer obstacles to overcome than there might be with online dating. I've met quite a few nice people, where there was no chance of a relationship simply due to the distances involved, or the lack of seriousness about the whole matter. That's not to say that online dating can't work, but you will also need to watch out for the scam artists, spammers, and so on.

    Best of luck.

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    Difference Between Eharmony And Match

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    In my opinion Eharmony is more detailed in the search for compatibility then . They both are great avenues to take but Eharmony gets more detailed info from you and has a great way of matching people's personalities . Which can give you a greater chance of success of a long relationship. I have not used Eharmony yet but I no two couples that are very happy and they met on Eharmony.

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    A lot. On eHarmony, they send you matches based on the hooey profile they make you fill out. No one sees you until they match you up. The process to "get to know each other" is long and slow - it takes several steps before you get to actually emailing. On Match, you have more control over who you talk to and you start emailing right away.

    Both have their pros and cons, but Match is a better one to get your feet wet if you're new to online meeting.

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    Yes, it's possible

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    both are waist of the money and i don't believe in all the commercials that you see on tv this are payed actors just to say there lines and get the money and i am sick of both seeing it on tv every time i channel surf

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    Dont like either one, try POF (plenty of fish). largest free site out there.

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    I think it depends

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