How do i get better or learn to graffiti type of art?

I have a little experience but not really enough to do anything. I am looking for some guidelines, ideas, or tips that would help me to learn this art! I want to learn because it looks like a lot of fun and its way fun to look at

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  • Mary
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    Is it true that grafitti existed as a way to mark territory or to intimidate...

    I think they made grafitti so they can tag something without having it so readable that the officials could track them down by their name.

    You could keep that in mind?

    Um if you're looking to do graffiti with letters... I suggest checking out books on typography...

    You should keep in mind the space you're tagging on when graffiti-ing, sorta make your graffiti for the area, instead of it working against you. Yeah, work with your grafitti and tag space, be flexible...

    Source(s): Thoughts of a rambling artist..
  • type it in on youtube, it mostly comes up as a video that you can watch and use as a demo. ALso you you can try some great help from the pro's like the street artists, i live in NYC thats why they are so common.

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