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No Hard Drive In Xbox 360?

Ok I bought an xbox 360 from ebay and I repaired the cd drive. The xbox did not come with a hard drive so I try inserting a xbox 360 game it the cd drive and nothing happened the xbox just loads to a globe that has a x in the middle. What Does This Mean ? How To Fix It ?

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    purchase a hard drive for bout 90 dollars or memory stick for 360 for about 10-30 dollars. You would have been better off going to wal mart and buying a brand new system or a refurbished one from gamestop. You cannot play a game without some sort of memory

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    The Xbox 360 120GB no longer trouble-free tension includes a expertise pass equipment to actual migrate all your stored documents out of your 20GB HDD on your 120GB HDD. It comes preloaded with large HD interest demos, movies, and an number of Xbox stay Arcade interest trials.

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    ok u have been ripped of im srry to say this but u have. ok i have no hard drive for my xbox and it plays games fine but i canot save them the big globe with the x comes up when the xbox comes on. have u even been able to get to the dash bord with your xbox account if not then it is the xbox and u need to get a new one srry for this being so long but i hope this answers ur qustion(s) plz make this best ans. im kinda new

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    That's what you get for buying off ebay.

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    thats what you get for buying a XBOX360 without a hard drive... it kinda needs that.

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