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why am i having trouble breathing at nights only?

well the title basically says it all i just gotten over the flu on the weekend and now im having trouble breathing at nights only for some reason seems to start around 5:30pm and goes through all night and usually when i go lay down it gets even worse and then i get that weird tickle in the back of my kinda feels as if there is a very heavy object putting pressure on my chest...and sometimes when i cough ill cough up some really nasty stuff and then i can breathe a little better...yes i am a smoker but im on my way to quitting..down to one smoke a day :)....anyway if anyone has an idea of whats going on please help me....kinda getting scared to sleep im thinking maybe one of these times i wont wake up...thanks

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    Sleep apnea can be caused by a numbe of things: Obesity, deviated septum, chronic illnesses, congestion. You need to be evaluated for a sleep study by your physician, or perhaps you might need a C-PAP at night, which also has to be ordered by your physician.

    Anxiety regarding the possibility of not waking up can contribute to your sleeplessness. Get seen.

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    so what everyone has said bar the last person, who seems to high off their own stuff, seems to be right. osbtructive sleep apnoea is a condition where for about ten seconds, when your asleep, you stop breathing, and you awake although most people dont realise they have awoken. this means you will think you have had a good nights sleep and still wake up tired as ever. there are two reasons it can occur. when you go to sleep your pharyngeal muscles, the ones of your throat, dilate and can cause an obstruction. in overweight people, the fat that has deposited around these muscles causes further obstruction. secondly, when you lie your head back, your tongue has a tendancy to fall back into your throat and cause an obstruction. there is also a nasal cause i.e. if you have polyps. best thing to do is to talk to your doctor. he will be able work out what kind of 'snorer' you are and then you can work out some treatment, which can be in form of a nasal strip or something called C-PAP which stands for continous positive airways pressure. it involves wearing a mask and looking a little bit like hanibal lectur but hey, if it gives you a good nights sleep then who cares!

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    It could be the drop in temperature. Or allergies which compound the difficulty to breathe. Try using a humidifier. By the way, please keep trying to quit smoking. It will help the breathing problem. The fact that when you cough, some sputum comes up is not a good sign for your lungs.

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