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Which party created bills during most of Clinton's presidency?

If this crisis was concepted during "Clinton's watch," which party controlled both parts of the Legislature? I think we'll get to the bottom of the issue once we figure this out.


Come on, does anyone know?! Do you guys know, Republicans? Limbaugh didn't tell you that part of the story, huh?

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    Does it matter? It was the Republicans. Also in your third grade history report here, be sure to include that is was Clinton who opened trade with China. That makes him responsible for outsourcing.

    Source(s): Have fun, I hope your teacher Mrs. Smith gives you a big old A+!!
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    Clinton had trouble for the first term and did not have much real power. In his second term he had power but still could be blocked. He had a very good effect on the bottom line and in the last year when Monica had the headlines there was a little bill that with Greenspan's help deregulated the commodities market and created new Instruments for finance. Allen Greenspan advice was that the market would self regulate and Clinton bought in to it along with a soft legislature. What we found out was that corporate green can not be left to it's own devices. The TEC bubble burst and the market has been in a state of decline from that time. Bush did nothing to help the growing problem and has been throwing money at it from the time he went into office. Bush is not a bad man but he just believed in the people he delegated to do the job.

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    The changes that did the most damage and contributed the most were not legislative changes, but regulatory changes made within the Clinton Administration.

    But everybody had a hand in this failure, not just Clinton, but that is the point where it became an impending financial disaster.

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    The republicans controlled both the House and the Senate for all but two years of the Clinton administration

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    Fannie Mae and the CRA was democratic created under Jimmy Carter and fortified under Bill Clinton. Where the Republicans went wrong, is when it was known to be a budget buster, it was not brought to the attention of the public.

    I noticed Barny Frank got reelected. So dems don't learn


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    the republicans

    Bill Clinton Never had a Democrat controlled congress.

    unlike bush who had one for Six years.

  • I knew it would not be long before they started blaming Clinton. Jeez people, c;mon.

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