anyone invested in Marvel Entertainment?

It seems to have done pretty well during this market madness, but it has gone down 6% since I bought stock at 32 per share.

Do you think I should sell it now, or hang with it until after Christmas?

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  • Kay
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    1 decade ago
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    Everybody knows that a way to succeed in stock market is to pick a winning stock. But a few people realizes that another way to succeed is to "minimize the loss."

    Marvel is in entertainment industry like Wal Disney which is considered the best of the breed. Unfortunately Disney had reported not-so-good quarter and its stocks took beating last week. Marvel could report worse quarter since it does not have theme parks like Disney and only have licensing of films and toy sales from the films.

    It's up to each of the investor's loss tolerance level, but I draw my line at 10% max., and start looking to sell when my stock holding is down 6 to 7%. Don't take your eyes off the market and find your spot (hopefully when DOW or NASDQ is up) in order to sell your stocks.

    In the end, the decision is's your money.

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