Why do people still believe that 9/11 was a government conspiracy?

It's been seven years, and people still believe president Bush was responsible. The evidence that no one inside the white house had any idea about it is there. Bush couldn't have been responsible because he was still so new to the presidency that he was still trying to figure out his own job.

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    Because it was- DUH. Where have you been for the last 200 years. It was a conspiracy by the government which is actually really being run by JFK who is living on the sound stage where they filmed the moon landing. His cabinet consists of Princess Diana, Elvis, Mother Teresa, and John Lennon. Get with the program dude.

    Remember the people who believe this, voted for Obama, what do you expect.

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    Bush didn't have to plan it, he just had to allow it to happen. Operation Bojinka was a hint to the world at what the terrorists were planning.

    If you don't think the government knew about the 1993 WTC bombing well in advance, look up Emad Salem. He was the informant who was being used by the FBI who recorded calls between him and his handlers.

    "Bush couldn't have been responsible because he was still so new to the presidency that he was still trying to figure out his own job. "

    His father was the director of the CIA, Vice President, and President. Also, Dick Cheney was his fathers Secretary of Defense while in office. You know when Saddam invaded oil rich Kuwait...I guess he gave Cheney a good idea. So there are plenty of government ties.

    I personally am not sure what to think about 9/11 except that there's too many strange events that happenend that day.

    If you remove WTC 1 and 2 from the equation, why did WTC 7 collapse? Before that day no steel building had collapsed due to fire.

    Why is there only 1 camera from the Pentagon that caught the plane that hit it? I have a hard time believing the Pentagon, our military hub, only had one camera facing that direction. Office buildings have better security camera placement than that.

    How is it that WTC 1,2, and 7 collapsed at speeds which indicate there was no resistance in the structure below?

    How did Fox and a British TV station report WTC 7's collapse before it even happened? How did they know it had collapsed? Who told them it had collapsed?

    There's just a lot of unanswered questions about that day.

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    Not all conspiracy nuts. Its just that we don't have a reliable report on WTC7, its just not believable. Read it.

    As far as evidence that "no one in the white house had any idea", its basically something unprovable. Personally, I don't think our government set it up, but there were parts of the government that sat there in the Pentagon and watched the whole thing unfold.

    its tough to explain why FEMA just happened to be there, the day before.

    More unanswered questions, than a "conspiracy".

    Why hasn't the Pentagon released ONE video of the plane that crashed into the pentagon building? They have cameras all over that complex! It just doesn't make sense.

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    There are actually several versions of this conspiracy theory. I think it is far-fetched to think that Bush or the US Government was "involved", but I can believe that Bush/Cheney may have had some intel about an impending attack and thought to themselves, "if it happens, we can use it as justification to invade Iraq".

    It was well known, even during the Clinton administration, that Bin Laden had set a goal of bombing the world trade centers. If anything, Bush probably figured it would be a truck bomb in the basement parking area and probably couldn't fathom the successful jet attack or the extent of the damage.

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    There is no evidence that "nobody had any idea". What evidence are you talking about?

    That was the whole point, even the government's story was a conspiracy theory.

    If you can remember past the media buzz, they said they could not share any proof with the American public, and the only three people that could be trusted to vouch for the secret proof were George Bush, Musharif and Tony Blair.

    Then, when people started to question it, Fort Detrick, MD, US military grade Anthrax went out to Democrats and the media.

    Finally, as the final coup, they conveniently came across a video tape found in a blown up building where the lips were grained out and you could not even hear it, but our agencies swore he was admitting to it...

    Who's the kook, someone who believes that, or someone who doesn't?

    Don't you remember that the Taliban offered to release Bin Laden if we would give proof, but we did not??? We decided that only Bush, Blair, Musharrif and their "NATO alliance" could see it. That was the whole point, that there was no proof given to Americans or the Taliban, and we bombed rather than give it. I know it is hard to remember with the media repeating unverified claims over and over and over, and not allowing dissenting voices, but come on... If he was guilty, why the big deal to hide the proof, and gloss over it with a dubbed over video, and have the media whitewash over history? Was it because we had people on the inside we did not want to expose? Was that the "national security" information we needed to protect, the terrorists that were on our payroll?

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    It's quite obvious it was not anything to do with Bush, as you say he was new to government, if it was an inside job it would have been on Clinton's watch.

    It is also quite obvious that the towers were exploded rather than collapsed, you only need to look at it, and have an elementary knowledge of physics..

    Where the truth lies, I can't even guess, I don't even want to know-it would be far scarier than the pantomime villains the public blames.

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    Some believe Johnson had Kennedy killed.

    It was a government conspiracy, just not our government. Syria and Lybia certainly played a major role with money, and the Arab Emirates payed a key role by allowing it to happen, and Pakistan is certainly at fault for hiding Bin Laden. So, yes, it was most certainly a government conspiracy.

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    Some people still believe Santa Clause is real. Some people just tend to believe this kind on nonsense.

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    The same people who still believe that the Patriot Act is the first step of a military dictatorship

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    stupidity, people always look for a way to attack President Bush.

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