making du'a with your hands, is it bid'aa? ?

as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatulaahi wa barakatuhu

a brother at college told me making dua and putting your hands up is bid'aa. my question is did the prophet saw do this, make dua holding his hands up. or is it bidaa? what are the evidences for and against, please provide evidence, by evidence i mean hadith or quran for such an act being permisable as all bidaa (innovation) is in the hellfire

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    As Salamu Alaikum wa Rachmatulaahi wa Barakatu, Here are two hadith which support raising the hands when making du'aa.

    From Saheeh Abu Dawood(1488), The Messenger, salallahu allayhi wa salam,said: Your Lord, may He be blessed and exalted, is Kind and Most Generous, and He is too Kind to let His slave, if he raises his hands to Him, bring them back empty."

    From Saheeh Abu Dawood(1486), The Messenger of Allah,salaallahu allayhi wa salam, said: "When you ask of Allah, ask of Him with the palms of your hands, not with the backs of them."

    There may be a misunderstanding with the brother at college because there are scholars, Sheikh Bin Baz for example, who say that although one must raise the hands when making du'aa, this should not be done after obligatory prayers because there is no evidence that the Prophet salallahu allayhi wa salam ever did this. They say it is permitted after sunnah prayers but not if done all the time and at other moments when saying du'aa. and Allah knows best.

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    What someone told me, not sure if this is 100% correct, but Shaytan is like on our right side, left side, behind us, below us, and in front of us. But he is not above us. So when we raise our hands when making dua, it is direct contact towards Allah swt. But I'm not sure how accurate this is and Allah will accept your dua no matter where your hands are. I mean just do what you think is right. I mean either way I don't think one is a BIG sin, so just do whatever you think is right. Just my opinionnn though :)

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    Having a minaret is bidaa

    Saying the adhan through a microphone is bidaa

    Being on YA is bida

    People try to be more pious then the prophet himself, tauba tauba

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    The only thing concerning that...that i know is wrong is to look up. Since the jews do dua essentially the same way ...but they look up. And we are suppose to differentiate.

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    No it is not bid'aa...the Prophet saw DID put his hands up when making du'a...

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    ignore these people they are ahl ul bida and khawarij

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