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what should i do in my situation?

ok so my boyfriend Eric is really getting on my nerves ok so he is like all over like a lot of girls at my school i'm scared he is going to dump me for someone else because that is what he did with his last girlfriend. like he will put his arm around them and hug them on his way to and from classes and i'm really getting mad but i'm scared to tell him b/c i don't want him to get mad at me or break up with me b/c i really like him. so what should i do?

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    If he wants to be a little ladies man, let him. Get rid of this immature guy. He obviously can't keep it in his pants. Find someone else who isn't looking for the next best thing.

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    Honey, if you can't be honest with him, then you don't have much a relationship, and therefore have nothing to lose. I know you don't want to lose him - but if he doesn't care about losing you, then this one-sided relationship isn't going to last very long anyway.

    Just talk to him calmly and seriously - you don't have to get mad or yell or treat him like the bad guy. Maybe he's just being friendly with these girls, or doesn't realize that his affectionate behavior is upsetting to you.

    "Honey, it upsets me when you are physically affectionate with other girls, like hugging them or putting your arm around them. I feel that sort of behavior should be saved for your girlfriend. I really like you, and I want to know that you feel the same about me, and what you do shows how you feel."

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    wear a blindfold to school.

    What you see makes you feel what you feel and you really don't need to put up with his tactics.

    I will assume you can easily do better. He chose you. Thing is he's a fickle boy and since you already know what the outcome is going to be with him, denial or delaying the inevitable is silly. Tell him you have decided to move on cause he is not your type. At least capture the dignity of your pride. You will benefit so much if you do this.

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    You have already answered your question. He dumped his last girlfriend for you and he will do the same to you. Be prepared and don't cry or complain to your friends. He will always wonder if you were going to dump him and didn't get around to it.

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