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What are some things to do at a picnic?

Im having a family picnic and need some ideas... I want everyone enjoying it, from grandmas to 6 year olds...

I need some help!

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    Well, usually when my family has picnics we have all age games of like volleyball or soccer, and have games like egg toss, and other fun games. We also make sure it is at a place, with a playground of some sort, so the kids can play and the parents can talk with each other.

    Hope this helps!

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    I don't go to picnics much, but I do attend family reunions in the summer. They always take place at a public park. Here are some of the activities I've seen.

    - Scavenger Hunt

    - Egg Toss

    - Who made the best dessert contest (but u can do any dish) the best cooks LOVE this one

    - Bingo ( prizes can be small gift cards or household products)

    - Arts and Crafts table (kids, adults, and the elderly find it relaxing)

    - Karaoke

    - Musical Chairs (trust me, adults get in on this one- IDK why)

    - Pinata (for the kids to score some candy)

    - Softball/ Volleyball

    - Potato Sack race

    * Get a dj or a friend with a good music system, make check list of food items to bring (coolers, drinks, condiments, utensils, grills, ingredients, etc)

    - extra toilet paper

    - hand sanitizer/ baby wipes

    - band aids and antiseptic

    - extra blankets

    - pillows

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    Volleyball, badtmitten, soccer, water balloon fight, potatoe sack race, bob for apples.

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    u can have games like

    a waterballon toss

    eating contests

    a dj with kareokie.

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