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What was the impact of POW camps during the civil war? please help! thanks! ?

I am doing a paper and need some ideas! I would highly appricate anything you could tell me about the civil war or POW camps! Thanks so much! Love you all!

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    diverse camps were for diverse motives. some camps were only cruel, like Elmira, ny. Camp Douglas, IL develop into notoriously cruel with negative medical centers. For the Southerners, the chilly winters extra to their issues in northern prisons. Southern prisons don't have a recognition for cruelty. Andersonville is known yet, its commander develop into begging for factors to feed and dress the prisoners, the South only did no longer have the factors to guard them. The health care specialist at Andersonville develop right into a Yankee who had moved to the South only months in the previous the starting up of the conflict and did what the might want to for the prisoners. Even outdoors the prisons, ailment led to more effective lack of life than conflict. once you position large numbers of people in a unmarried position with negative sanitation and negative nutrition, you get ailment. you'll likely get people telling you the way the conflict wasn't risky because more effective people died from ailment!!

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    Both side's POW camps were disgraceful. Not much food to eat. People packed into small buildings like sardines. Disease running rampant. Unsanitary sewage conditions. The guards would take the good food and give the rotten stuff to the prisoners. People were dying every day of diseases, food poisoning, hunger, and infections in wounds. it was a horrible place.

    Source(s): This is about a southern POW camp. The Northern ones were just as bad. I can't recall any names of camps in the North.
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