Subwoofers!! (!!!YAY!!!)?

I have 2 12'' Kenwood subs for sale if anyone wants them. their 600 watts a piece good condition,In a sealed enclosure with lots of polyfill making them louder,dont know what kind they are because a friend gave them to me for free. They bump real loud,Big Mirror Flex,Side Mirror Flex,Window Flex,Massive Fuccing Trunk Flex,and even a steering wheel flex. (NO LIE!!!) I put alot of stuff into my system. I entered them in a drag once and they hit a good 141.3db @ 45hz.

BTW:E-Mail me for the price and the max you will spend.

''Hope This Helepd!''

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    i might be looking for some more subs for my chevelle

    my dual twelves are starting to fail on me

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