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Please help me find the name of this novelty catalog?

i was looking through this catalog that had a "open your own oyster kit with an authentic pearl" in it. I thought it would be the greatest gift for my friend because it reminded me of a shop in Busch Gardens Europe. But i can't remember the name of the catalog! My twin was cleaning out the catalog basket and threw it away! All i remember is it came in the mail not to long ago and it had some kind of wooden mind puzzles or wooden toy things in the front and it was called odds and ends or this or that, i honestly cant remember, but it was _______ and ________ or _________ or __________. i cant remember if that is right or not, but it sticks in my mind, so im pretty sure its something like that. i wish i would have looked at the name because i have googled it and cant find anything. the only thing found was the lighter side and they dont have anything i am looking for. So if you have received this in your mail, can you please tell me the name of this catalog or if you receive novelty catalogs, please list a few names. Or any catalog or website that offers this item, please let me know. I remember it also had old looking coins banks in it. One was a chipmunk and one was a golfing bank if that helps any. But i need these for Christmas and i wanted to get them before they go out of stock. But they were around $8.50 for one. Please help me! thanks so much!

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