What do I do about my friend? My bf was jealous. ?

My bf was hurt and jealous because when I couldn't talk to him or see him I went to my best friend. My best friend just happens to be a guy and my ex, but when we were dating it was never more than just a friendship. So I broke up with him. After not talking for a while we became friends again, best friends. Recently my bf of over 7 months has gotten extremely hurt and jealous of me texting him. At first he wanted to make me choose him or my best friend. Then he saw how ridiculous he was being and instead thought of guidelines to ease his jealousy. I told my best friend what was going on the entire time. However, by the time I told him there was only going to be restrictions and such he decided to cut all ties with me. He told me that he was tired of seeing me hurt from the difficulties of being in a relationship and that he still cares about me but he thought it was best to leave me. I see him everyday during school and he completely ignores me, so that I can't even say hi to him. I am really hurt, and he refuses to do it any other way.

What can I do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Wait who's who and who's doing what now!?

    Just remain neutral. Don't pick sides.

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